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Throne and Liberty Beta

Throne and Liberty

All info about the beta

Throne and Liberty enters the beta phase tomorrow. Players in this country will then also be able to try out the MMORPG from Amazon. Details about the beta have now been announced by the developers.

The new MMO star?

The MMORPG from South Korean developer NCSoft has a long history behind it. After it was nearing completion in 2017 under the name Lineage Eternal, it was completely overhauled and renamed Throne and Liberty.

Players in South Korea were able to get started as early as December 2023. In the West, the MMORPG is set to be released in 2024 for Steam, PS5 and Xbox X/S.

Throne and Liberty BETA

A closed beta will take place between April 10 and 17, 2024 to test the game and receive feedback from players.

Interested players can register for the test phase until April 2. The beta will last seven days. It is available in Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

However, those entitled to access are not allowed to make any public statements. This is because the beta is under NDA, which means that you are not allowed to talk about what you have seen. No streams or similar are to be expected either.

What does the beta include?

The developers have revealed what participants can expect in the beta in a blog entry on the game’s website. Above all, the level system and progress in the current game will be tested.

It is important to the developers that beta participants get a good feel for the Solisium game world. Players should be able to let off steam and there will be no level cap. Players should be able to try out all of the game’s content.

This means that in addition to the early and midgame, the endgame is also playable.

Throne and Liberty

What goal are the developers pursuing?

The main aim of the beta is to gather feedback from players. The focus is on the combat system and the world events.

In order to test the combat system and world events, the developers have created a schedule of prime-time events for each region of the game. Some of the announced siege battles will therefore probably already be taking place.

In addition, NCSoft would like to hear players‘ opinions on the economic system of Throne and Liberty. This concerns the in-game economy on the one hand, but also the marketplace on the other. There you can make purchases with the real money currency Lucent. Beta testers receive a certain amount of it.

However, the game is basically free to play. Nevertheless, there are accusations that Throne and Liberty is a Pay2Win game.

The developers will collect feedback from players and continue to work on the game after the beta has ended. There is currently no specific release date outside South Korea. However, the MMORPG will be released in Germany without any major differences to the Korean version.

Builds for the undecided

For players who have not yet tried the game, we have linked three exciting builds here that you should definitely take a look at.

Staff & Dagger: A staff and dagger build for large-scale PvP that deals high AoE burst damage and uses its dagger skills for protection or stealth as needed. It excels at getting lots of kills in long skirmishes at rifts or other PvP events, making it an essential addition to any guild’s Zerg lineup.

Longbow & Crossbow: Longbow and crossbow build for small-scale PvP, perfect for lone wolves and players who like small-scale PvP. This combination offers incredible DPS and kill potential at long range. It’s great for 1v1 fights and can take out targets with ease.

Throne and Liberty

Staff & Wand: This staff and wand build focuses on small group or solo play. With its great single-target damage and self-healing skills, it can handle leveling up in Throne and Freedom with ease and also prove to be incredibly strong in PvP events. It’s not hard to play, but this build can really shine when played by someone who has mastered it.